Our Strapping

Caristrap is a textile product, manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarn, similar to that used in tires and conveyor belts. It is just as strong as steel, without all the disadvantages…

  • Buckles

    Our polyester woven straps are used in combination with in-house manufactured buckles. Caristrap buckles provide the strongest and most reliable joint in the strapping industry.

  • Tensioners

    Caristrap woven strapping needs to be tensioned using a manual or pneumatic Caristrap strapping tool. Minimal wear & tear and low initial cost are just some of the benefits of these tools.

  • Accessories

    Caristrap has a wide of accessories to meet all your strapping needs. Please contact us to learn more.

“How To” Video

Applying a Caristrap woven strap is quick & easy. Watch this instruction video on how to work with Caristrap.


Our strapping is offered in a variety of winding types, coil sizes, number of coils per box, and number of boxes per pallet, according to customer demand.


Starter kit: includes 2-4 coils of strap (one type), buckles, tensioning tool, training video, and bag.

Field kit: includes 1 coil of strap, and buckles in one convenient portable dispenser box.

Demo kit: includes everything dealers need to perform demos at end-user location; incl. 1-3 coils of strap (various types), buckles, tensioning tool, and bag.


As a manufacturer we are able to customize your strap with full coloring and/or marking (company name or logo) – A big marketing advantage at no additional cost (min. quantities required).

Winding Types

Narrow coils permit mounting of multiple products side-by-side on same dispenser.

The 4 elements that make our product unique

Caristrap vs. Steel

Eliminates expensive corner pads or cushioning No scratching or marring of finished surfaces
1/5 the weight of steel strapping Safety to personnel
No rough or sharp edges No cutting into cartons
No rusting Reduce damage to package contents
Can be tied using knot like twine or rope or can be tied
using buckle and hand tension (without tool)
Economical, Versatile
Elongation and elasticity during severe impact –
strap recovers
Can be re-used for in-plant purposes Salvage – environmentally sound
Customization (color & company logo) Free advertising, corporate branding
Ease of application around irregular shapes Enhance package appearance
Less storage space to store Excellent internal package protection against pilferage
Conforms more readily to packages Saves shipping costs
No damage if strap becomes twisted Strap replacement not required, cost saving
Re-tensionable when used with buckles Strap replacement not required, cost saving
Less time to change coils Cost saving

Caristrap vs. PET

PET tool prices, repair costs, and battery change costs are higher.
PET strapping is NOT user friendly – it is too stiff and can damage merchandise. Stiffness does not mean strength. Caristrap is strong and supple.
PET snaps on impact in cold temperatures.
PET has less memory.
PET Energy to Break is lower than Caristrap.
Caristrap is weather resistant and Energy to Break is much greater.
PET coil is heavier than Caristrap coil.
PET unwinds messily – Caristrap unwinds neatly.
Caristrap is re-tensionable – PET is not.
Caristrap can be printed / dyed.
Caristrap uses cord fibers to increase strength.