• First in world to receive AAR approval for non-metallic strapping.
  • Higher dynamic performance than steel.
  • Superior tensile strength and elongation capacity.
  • Better shock absorption.
  • Excellent load-shifting control.
  • Constant optimal tension.
  • Total technical support to adapt products to specific needs.
  • Rigorous quality control.
  • Best quality/price ratio on market.
  • Tough enough to endure temperatures of -60c – 150c.
  • Safe and will not lash out and cut.
  • User friendly at only 1/7th the weight of steel.
  • Versatile and adapts to any size and shape and will not rust, stain or mar merchandise.
  • Cost effective.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Easy to dispose of.
  • Re-tensionable.
  • Custom printing availabe.
  • Damage claims reduced.


Caristrap was the first in the world to receive AAR approval for cord strapping in the lumber industry in 1987, and this was the result of many years of the most vigorous testing and 1000’s of rail-car lumber loads that were successfully shipped throughout Canada and the U.S.A.

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The Lumber Industry

  • Made from high-strength space age fibres, caristrap’s synthetic steel strapping has four times the shock absorbing ability of steel and is one seventh the weight of steel. it will not cut or damage goods, cardboard, wood etc. and is safer for both the shippers and their customers handling the goods.

  • Wood is inherently dimensionally unstable as water absorption causes it to swell. Caristrap’s weatherguard tightens around the bundle like a high performance steel spring and conforms to all contours binding as a stable unit. During periods of stress, “controlled tension” accepts changes caused by settling and packing to remain tight and secure.

  • Caristrap products are versatile and can be used to strap many different types of loads, withstand even the worst weather conditions and ensure goods arrive damage free. our synthetic steel strapping can handle the heaviest loads without the risk of injury, takes up less space and is easier to store.