• First in world to receive AAR approval for non-metallic strapping.
  • Higher dynamic performance than steel.
  • Superior tensile strength and elongation capacity.
  • Better shock absorption.
  • Excellent load-shifting control.
  • Constant optimal tension.
  • Total technical support to adapt products to specific needs.
  • Rigorous quality control.
  • Best quality/price ratio on market.
  • Tough enough to endure temperatures of -60c – 150c.
  • Safe and will not lash out and cut.
  • User friendly at only 1/7th the weight of steel.
  • Versatile and adapts to any size and shape and will not rust, stain or mar merchandise.
  • Cost effective.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Easy to dispose of.
  • Re-tensionable.
  • Custom printing availabe.
  • Damage claims reduced.


Lashing is a special type of woven strap with a higher break strength rating due to its wider format and fabrication. Not only does it contain more polyester yarn than any of our other products, it also utilizes a heavier yarn.

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AG40/AG50 Lashing Applications

  • Because AG40/AG50 is a woven lashing manufactured from high tensity yarn, it is a safer, cost effective alternative which replaces conventional cargo restraint products such as heavy duty steel strapping, wire (rope), chains and ratchet straps.

  • AG40/AG50 lashing eliminates cargo damage and is most commonly used for port applications including containers, export shipments, trucking, flatrack, extra heavyweight loads in/on ships, and both open and closed rail shipments.



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Pneumatic Tensioner

Caristrap’s CAT38 Pneumatic Tensioner is ideal for any heavy duty tensioning application, or for those who have many loads to strap on a daily basis. Caristrap’s CAT38 Pneumatic Tensioner is not only effortless, it is also the strongest synthetic steel tensioner available. It uses compressed air to torque the strapping for you, so that even the biggest cargo will be safely and solidly secured, with no excertion on your part! The CAT38 Pneumatic Tensioner is also the obvious choice for anyone who straps cargo on a daily basis. It will prevent fatigue and injury caused by repetitive hand tensioning, all while delivering a consistently secure load.